The structure of essays or how to write essays correctly

The structure of essay shark reviews is just as different from reviews or other works of students. The presentation of your thoughts should be in the form of theses, which are immediately supported by an argumentative opinion - these are facts, experience, evidence or the opinion of scientists on the issue of the essay. You should not use a lot of arguments, it only overloads the presentation, two points of view as arguments are enough.

Usually the essay has a short introduction that explains why the author is interested in a particular issue. This is followed by a series of theses and arguments and a short conclusion, which now concretizes the author's opinion to the question under study. Quite a characteristic feature of the essay is emotionality, expressiveness of presentation, which is achieved by short, simple sentences. It is necessary to pay attention to the style of writing, because the size of the essay does not allow you to move from a scientific and terminological presentation to a fictional one. The author should understand that, despite the external subjectivity, the essay should have an internal unified meaning, a coherence of structure, arguments, and judgments that express the author's position.

Let us return to the title, since it is the only thing that unites this genre with all other literary works. The title of the essay should explain the topic of the work to some extent, although the internal organization can be arbitrary, there are no formal restrictions. Conclusions can be present in the text itself, they do not need to be put in a separate part. The narrative style is quite free, even colloquial language is applicable. But the most interesting thing about the essay genre is the use of paradoxes of thought, combining outwardly completely different, associative. The essay makes it possible to see the familiar through the prism of the author's subjective view, which sometimes has a striking effect on the reader.
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